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ANGEL GIRL: I wish to die screaming in combat surrounded by the bodies of my enemies
THE U.S. ARMY RECRUITER: I would like to schedule an interview with you to see if we have a career you're interested in.
ANGEL GIRL: No not like that

Working at my gf's desk today with her dual 4k

... i think I've been missing out

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Kind of baffled that I haven't seen any eclipse pictures from folks in Alaska.

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「Xenia Linux - Æ」

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What nonsense timeline are we in that a review of 6/10 has to be qualified with “that doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just not personally a game for me”

6/10 should be “above average”

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Remote employees get 273 min of uninterrupted work each day vs office-bound colleagues’ 223 min. Free from office distractions of impromptu meetings and ambient noise, remote work offers a more conducive environment for deep concentration.

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1679: piracy is on the rise, King Charles is deeply unpopular

2024: piracy is on the rise, King Charles is deeply unpopular

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「 commission 」 portrait for plaguedocfox on twitter / insta 🕯️

Just testing phanpy with takahe

Ok, let's see if posting produces any backtraces.

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Return of the Vest

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Girls: beautiful, cute, arson, pretty, adorable, sweat

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None of you thought it *might* be important to tell me that ferns have sperm that swim??? I just had to find all this out on my own?

And, (apparently, & no one thought to bring this up either🙄) fern plants are only one form... they have this 'other form' (tiny, ephemeral, difficult to find in the wild) alternates generations-- Fern spores don't grow into ferns! (WHAT) they grow into 'gemetophytes' (WHAT) THEN you get a fern.

Feel like I've uncovered a massive scandal.

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they are in "big" trouble down there for saoirse

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fae (xe/xyr): may i have your pronouns?
me (he/him): sure! he/him
fae (he/him): thanks :)
me ( / ): wait

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Have been going on game-dev chats and asking about tools for drawing pixels that aren't square, and getting replies of, "What do you mean, pixels are *always* square". 😅

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Have I mentioned this? I feel like I've mentioned this. I have a Patreon. This year, I am attempting to make it a more realistic source of income, which includes posting updates more often:

(Also, mentioning it more often. I don't want to spam y'all but I also want to stop having the social interaction with followers where I say "Patreon" and they say "Oh, I didn't know you had a Patreon" and I feel like I'm getting called out for being the worst self-promoter ever.)

this is a post

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who made this? 😂

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A kobold today! Hunched posture, mole-like claws for digging Prospector tunnels, a backpack that fires Demolitionist grenades and seismic ripper lines.

I'm not super happy with the shoulder pads; I might replace them with lil horns or something to get more of that cordyceps look that the Kobold is famous for.

(I swear I'm going to play an irl tabletop lancer game someday and this isn't just endless minis for minis' sake)

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There is an increase of account takeovers due to insiders at telco firms simply giving control to people paying them/compromised support staff accounts. Do a check on systems where this single factor would permit an account compromise. And change the configuration. These are opportunistic trawling attacks. This is becoming more common as attackers replicate the success.

The attacker uses other channels (like people search websites) to enumerate and guess the phone number attached to an online account and then checks against the telco they have control over.

The insider only briefly temporarily forwards the victim number to a 3rd party then switches it back to normal once they’re in. This is how they stay quiet since most victims will not have leverage or telemetry to understand how they got hacked.

It was their cell phone provider.

Make it so account recovery systems require multiple factors and remove telephony-based recovery for VIP accounts entirely.
Go check your systems now. Go try to access all your stuff like you forgot your password.

I am very serious. This is based on private knowledge but is compelled by the compromise of the SEC. This is common now.

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Finally getting back to after mumble weeks.

Tonight, I'm hoping to work on my HTTP client consolidation.

(Basically, Fedi involves a bunch of extensions to making HTTP requests. I'm making one canonical client within Takahē so that these extensions are applied easily and consistently.

Why is my gender behind a pay wall?

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A few of the younger nerdy people on my discord were oo-ing and aah-ing over old ads for acoustic couplers, so I had to throw this photo in the mix.

[Media CW: Eye contact.]